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My name is Alexis. I’m 22. I’m the oldest of 17 children. The Sharp Crew is based around my large ever-changing family in my own point-of-view.
This is our reality.

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As I’m rapidly approaching the end of my third week of classes, I decided that now is the perfect opportunity for me to share my thoughts, frustrations and recollections on how they’re going.

The first week of classes were awful. Awful is such a bland word to choose, but it really was just plain awful. I’ve never had to commute to classes before, so that was a giant hassle. I never had to plan around being in the studio for my art classes, so that conflicted with my commuting schedule. My art classes were disappointing and I kept forgetting that I needed to eat. I hated the fact that my art classes made it difficult for me to plan out the rest of my life. I love planning, so my anxiety went through the roof in result of that. In the midst of all of my own chaos, my mother had her baby on the second day of classes. I was overjoyed, of course, but it stressed me out a great deal more. I was unable to help out with my family when they needed my assistance and I hated that. My family always comes first. This first week didn’t let me think. I did a little yelling. I cried. I faked a few smiles when meeting professors as they went over their syllabi. I panicked. I fell on my ass down some wet stairs. I almost fell asleep in my first art history class and I didn’t end up showering every single day like I normally do. I was a wreck. If for some instance you’re in disbelief on how awful this week really was, please just ask my boyfriend Cory. I was surprised the man didn’t check me into the psych ward a couple of times.

That weekend following, I took the time to relax and collect my thoughts. I also went home to see my new baby brother and to be around the people that I care for most in this world. It might sound absurd because I come from such a large family, but this got me back on track. I was myself again and more than ready to face the second week’s challenges.

The second week was much better than the first. I started a strange, but somewhat interesting sculpture project that is going to take us six weeks to complete. I’ve never done anything like it before. I’m taking an art history class on China. I registered for the class in hopes that it would give me a better understanding of the country where Rowyn and Zekiel are from and it surpassed my expectations. It’s much more difficult than I thought it would be adjusting to the language used, but I still love it nonetheless. I mentioned above about never having to commute to classes before and I’ve learned to love it. I’ve discovered that commuting allows me to structure myself. In the past when I lived on campus I frequently went back to my dorm room between classes to take naps. I was known for always napping, just ask all of my past roommates. I had this dorm room that ended up just creating a space for me to procrastinate. Now, in between my classes, I find myself either in the studio working on a project or in the library working on other homework. I get much more done by commuting when I originally thought that the opposite would occur. I’m taking a jazz dance class. I danced for 16 years and took 4 years off. Let’s just say that the dancing at this university is nothing near similar to the dancing that I did in my studio at home. Also, I needed to add that I’m taking a Journalism in Film class as a Communication Studies higher elective. When introducing ourselves in class, I ended up telling everyone about this blog. Hello, if you’re a fellow classmate or professor! Lastly, don’t worry, I am eating this week! The dishes and the laundry may be piling up, but hey, at least I’ve gotten food into my belly!

This past weekend I came to the conclusion that I really missed my family. It’s hard going from living at home throughout an entire year without going to college to being back in classes full-time. I miss home. I broke down and sent my mother a text message about it too. Don’t get me wrong, I love being back in school, but I miss being able to wake up around the chaos. I think that it will be a never-ending transition. To help me feel better, Cory and I had another sleepover with the brothers and sisters. This time, 10 of my siblings stayed the night in my living room. Zander, Obrion, Taegan, Menzo, Mavis, Mathias, Matayah, Rowyn, Kullen and Beck piled on top of each other last Saturday night. Rizlee and Zekiel stayed for about two hours while mom and dad went to dinner and did some grocery shopping. It was fun and it was just what my heart needed at the time too.

This third week of classes seems so much more laid back than the first two. I still don’t have much time in this hectic schedule of mine, but I feel like I can now at least think thoroughly. I still don’t have a grip on my commuting schedule due to studio time, but it’s been easier for me to realize that I can’t plan out every aspect in my life. I still haven’t made a single friend yet and it’s the third week. I spend most of my time just processing thoughts about what I would say to someone standing near me in a class. For some reason, I’ve been battling back and forth in my mind with the fact that I don’t have all that much in common with my fellow classmates. I’ve been in college for about four years now and they’ve just now begun. Before I introduce myself to someone, my mind screams at me, “they’re Paige’s age!” and especially a few days ago when a few girls asked me if I ever go out. All I wanted to tell them is that I’ve been there and done that and that I have higher priorities these days. Speaking of which, being this experienced makes me really want to give a presentation to all of them on the life I’ve experienced through college. If I was a freshman, I would have considered it enlightening.

Anyways, before I go flying off on a unrelated tangent, I’m going to conclude this post by simply saying that I haven’t decided just yet if I’ve made the right decision on finishing college. I sometimes still believe that I have the potential to make it out there on my own and to learn from my experiences through life. Other times, I believe that I am still learning vital information from my current classes. I suppose I can’t really make that conclusion just now. Only time will tell.


I’m now the oldest of 17 children! I’d like to introduce to you my new brother, Kormik Bleu! Born August 27th, 2013 at 3:07AM, 4lbs. 14oz., 17 1/2in. Welcome to The Sharp Crew little man!

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At the beginning of August, my boyfriend, best friend and I moved into our first ever apartment together. Not only were we thrilled about the opportunity of being out on our own, but the thought of being able to have sleepovers with all of my little brothers and sisters seemed like such a fun idea. After getting settled into our new place and before school started back up we decided to test out this fun idea.

First and foremost, we had our first sleepover session with the bigger kids. My boyfriend, Cory, and I figured it would be easier doing the sleepovers in shifts. Don’t get me wrong, it did seem easier but I discovered that in reality Cory just wanted more quality time to play XBOX with Zander. Why do boys always have a different motive? Anyways, Zander, Obrion and Taegan were the chosen ones for the first sleepover. Zander and Cory played XBOX, we ate piles and piles and piles of junk food, and we watched the movie, 17 Again. Although we all had a wonderful time, it was cut short because we had to wake up super duper early the next morning. Did I mention that Zander, Obrion and Taegan all slept on our tiny bedroom floor? I wish I got a picture to prove it, but it escaped my mind.

The second sleepover was quite a bit different. Menzo, Mavis, Mathias, Matayah, Rowyn, Kullen and Beck all stayed over on a Sunday night at the same time. All seven of them brought their own sleeping bags and pillow pets and spread them all around my living room floor. It was cute. That evening we watched a few new movies and ate popcorn. Rowyn cried a little bit because she missed mommy, but besides that no one was missing home at all! I call that a success! The next morning Cory bailed on me for work. I ended up taking the sleepover crew to a nearby playground after breakfast at 9AM! It was difficult dealing with that many children in a two-bedroom apartment so we needed to run out a little energy. At the playground we were able to watch a train passing close by and talked about how important it was to never go near them without a big person. Beck wasn’t thrilled at all. He hates trains. After the trains, we went on an adventure through the underpass and made echoes! It was a new and exciting experience for each of them. I like to call it being easily amused, but whichever works. After running back and forth through the underpass a few more times and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch (sorry people, it’s all that I had to please them), we headed back home to tell mom and dad about our adventures. Also, just as a side note, I did have to steal the 15-passenger van for this adventure. I don’t have any kind of vehicle that would fit that many children, let alone that many children and their car seats too! The best adventures always have a few set backs!

I did end up documenting sleepover number two. My apologies to the bigger kids, although I think Zander would appreciate it. Here are some awesome photos of the sleepover, Enjoy!

 photo null_zps67164b42.jpg  photo null_zpsd13c0e03.jpg  photo null_zpsd1d164fa.jpg  photo null_zps8775390d.jpg  photo null_zpsd9e0a30e.jpg  photo null_zps774f6aba.jpg  photo null_zps6baae528.jpg  photo null_zpsd5c1f30f.jpg


On August 6th, Mathias William and Matayah Raine turned 6-years-old. On August 15th, Menzo Lukas and Mavis Nevaeh turned 8-years-old. Each set of twins have brought so much joy into our family, and a little more chaos too. It’s almost to the point where we forget about what that is though! Surprise? In addition to smaller presents that the four of them have been desiring, both sets of twins celebrated their birthdays at a local amusement park with some of their older siblings. It was a sweaty but fun day!

Here are a few of my favorite birthday photos from our celebrations!

photo null_zpsbbcff14d.jpg photo null_zpsc088a44d.jpg photo null_zps528b52bc.jpg photo null_zps7c036f26.jpg photo null_zps9b67ca25.jpg photo null_zps3eafcd8e.jpg